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POLYN™ skin care is made using 100% plant-based ingredients
combined with aromatherapeutic formulations to provide therapy in a bottle™. POLYN products help moisturize, cleanse, and nourish the skin while avoiding unnecessary toxins and fillers. Made in the Texas hill country, each batch meets the highest quality personal care standards, as verified by leading organizations and the European Union standards bodies. The newest member of the SKINourishment family of brands, POLYN products are 100% cruelty-free, 100% non-GMO ingredients and 100% synthetic free.

Meet Polly - The Founder's Story  

I have always had a passion and natural instinct to help others heal, ground and feel better. My inspiration and appreciation for real, pure and truly natural ingredients was bred from growing up on a farm.  In 1995 I was given the opportunity to develop my passion into a business when my house burned down while living in Los Angeles. While I lost every physical possession, my husband, dog Samantha and cat Abigail survived. However, our new rescue kitten Ivy died. I was deeply affected by this tragedy and was inspired to take my passion and offer it to the world as a business. My husband supported my vision for a new venture. 

I tapped into my premed/nursing science background and blended that with my education in aromatherapy and Eastern healing modalities to create a line of 100% pure, food grade, plant-based, skin care products with ingredients safe enough to eat. I called my first line of products Ivy’s Delights, in honor of my cat. The line gained quick traction, earning distribution throughout the US and Europe. 

In 1996 I was visiting folks in Colorado who were avid rock climbers. One day they came to me and asked if I would create something to heal their ravaged skin/hands from rock climbing. I literally went into their kitchen and made the first solid lotion bar on the market for rock climbers, now known as the climbOn Bar. From that sprang an entire line to address the intense needs of elite athletes.

In 1999, I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack. I sold Ivy’s Delights and relocated to Wimberley, Texas to start anew. Over the next 18 years, I re-launched climbOn, developed crossFIXE to FIXE everything for everyone, and created a new line of skin care for women and men. Our products are distributed in over 35 countries and top retailers from REI to Amazon to Central Market and hundreds of retail shops in between.

 With the rise in demand for non-toxic products by conscious consumers, we decided to officially launch our 100% plant-based skin care line – POLYN ™. It represents the best ingredients to address the needs of the modern consumer – from dry skin to anti-aging serums. As the POLYN line evolves, I have dozens more formulations to share with you. Thank you for taking time to hear the story of my journey of loss and resilience.

I continue to be inspired by the stories of customers who have climbed the highest peaks, washed countless dishes and beat cancer. Here are their stories. Enjoy!

What is my Inspiration?

  • I am inspired by our skin. It is our largest organ. If we address our skins needs, we set ourselves up to realize our best.
  • I am inspired by our body’s natural ability to heal itself. Aromatherapy helps to trigger the mind and body to work together to accelerate healing and strength.
  • I am inspired by our natural world. The plant essences and aromas I use have been crafted for centuries and do not require synthetic substitutes to deliver natural power.
  • I am inspired by our customers and their quest to be their best. Most of our top-selling products were derived by a person who had a need not met by traditional products. Whether climbing mountains, massaging pregnant women, or fighting cancer, our customers inspire me to help them heal and improve their quality of life.
  • I am inspired by all of those around me who have believed in me over the years. From my family and employees to my advisors and local banker, each one has helped me grow and realize my potential in this world. I am inspired every day by you.

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For my teen

My daughter has been using this for a few months now. She has seen a big improvement in her skin tone and has also noticed fewer pimples. She loves the scent and the way her skin feels when she is done using it.

- Katherine Biehl

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