Mission & Impact

Our mission is to create 100% plant-based products that improve the quality of our lives, our animals, and our planet.


In our most recent customer survey, our customers let us know how we were helping them improve their lives and live our mission:

  • 84% rated our products 5 –star in quality 
  • 87% of our customers would recommend our products to a friend
  • 49% say we have educated them and they are seeking non-toxic products from cleansing to beauty
  • 64% look for products that are cruelty-free and do not test on animals
  • 40% are using aromatherapy to address emotional and physical needs
  • 77% are looking for ways to reduce their waste footprint from less packaging to reuse and recycling



We take our commitment to providing the best products for people and that starts with the ingredients that avoid toxins and fillers found in many alternatives. For the last 20 years the following standards have guided all of the POLYN product line: 



For more than twenty years, we have sourced ingredients, created packaging, and forged partnership to ensure we provide the best, highest quality products to our customers. Unlike companies that outsource formulation, sourcing, and manufacturing, we manage the entire supply chain to ensure we deliver products you can trust. The following represent our supplier guidelines.

We seek:

  • Suppliers that share our values and commitment to the preservation of the environment, women empowerment, and do not test on animals;
  • Suppliers that can provide certified proof of 100% food-grade ingredients and no animal testing
  • Suppliers as locally sourced as possible to avoid transportation cost and invest in the regional and national economy
  • Women-owned and minority suppliers where possible to support goals of inclusion, diversity, and empowerment.
  • Suppliers and partners willing to create new products or innovations that help restore the land or local ecosystem, reduce waste and make our lives better.
  • The most affordable ingredients to make products accessible to the most number of people.

We continually look for partners that help us improve our products and offer the most accessible price to our customers.



We have always been committed to using business as a force for good. Here are a few facts about how we benefit the environment, our customers, our employees, and society.


  • 100% plant-based and food grade ingredients that are so safe you can eat them
  • 100% Non-GMO from inception (we don’t need to modify what nature has perfected.)
  • 100% Cruelty-free, never using products tested on animals.
  • 100% of our packaging is made with recycled, reusable or compostable materials.
  • The company increased its recycled content in packaging with the introduction of its 100% compostable tubes for lotion bars and lip balms - the first of their kind in the industry. We hope to do more. Click here to see the tube on our Lip Balm.


  • 100% of significant suppliers follow company’s social and environmental standards.
  • If a customer faces hardship and cannot afford products they desperately need, we offer discounts and donations. Our cancer fighters and elderly most benefit from this kindness.
  • We have banked with a community bank from inception to keep capital local.
  • We donate capital, products and time to charities that advance causes we believe in: environmental stewardship, animal rights, elderly affairs, personal health and mental wellness. Some recipients of our charitable donations, include: Blue Star of Hope, SPCA and numerous animal shelters, Climbing and Cross Fit Competitions, Access Fund, Wimberly Players, and local fire and police organizations.   
Employees & Governance
  • Women-founded and led company with a majority representation on the Board of Directors.
  • Company provides a great place for women to work with over 60% of employees (full and part-time) as women.
  • Company provides employee benefits from living wages to flexible work hours, to paid time off for volunteering, to free products to name a few.
  • Majority of our shareholders are women.



  • Publish mission and key impact goals on website
  • Pursue third-party certifications that help us to showcase our commitment to creating great products 
  • Launch new employee engagement initiatives around financial education, volunteering and workplace satisfaction 
  • Proactively educate our customers, buyers, and stakeholders on our ingredients list and nontoxic standards
  • Initiate new supplier engagement efforts to forward our mission 
  • Find new ways to reduce waste in our ecosystem


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