Polly’s Program

Founder Polly's Daily Program  

My Morning Regimen:  

Invigorating Face Wash helps me clean dead skin while the tingly peppermint focuses me as I start my day. 

I use the Cooling Under Eye Serum to reduce puffiness. 

Regenerative Face Serum stimulates natural collagen production. 

(I use the Purifying Face Mask one time per week to exfoliate and clear away dead skin)


Throughout the Day:

I moisturize throughout the day with Climb On Creme 

I spray Invigorating Face Toner to perk me up throughout the day. 

I reapply my peppermint Lip Balm to add moisturizer to my lips and clarity to my work.

I use Aromatherapy Oil Balance on my temples to calm and focus my mind. 


My Nightly Regimen:

Invigorating Face Wash is my night time cleanser. 

Invigorating Face Toner to tone skin prior to rest. 

I use Climb On Creme  as my night time moisturizer. 


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