Cruelty-free FAQ

Posted on 05 February 2017

 Like us, you love animals. A 2015 national Neilson survey found that “not tested on animals” was the most important packaging claim among 1,000 adults surveyed. A December 2016 survey of SKINourishment customers revealed the same results where 64% of you said you look for cruelty-free products above all other claims. Since inception, SKINourishment has been cruelty-free, ensuring that none of our products are tested on animals - ever. Since 2004 we have been distributed throughout the EU, one of the only markets which prohibit animal tested cosmetics. We proudly support People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and advocate for consumers to seek products that bear cruelty-free logos.

So how does the industry gets around the claim of “animal testing”?  While according to PETA more than 1,700 companies have banned animal testing, thousands more have not. Most synthetic ingredients are tested on animals. It doesn't matter that your product has the words "not tested on animals." It simply means the company purchased their synthetic ingredients from someone else, and did not test themselves. That company does not have to claim “they” tested on animals, even though their supplier did. Most companies don't make their own ingredients - like menthol crystals, petroleum, propylparaben, or propylene glycol. Many of these ingredients are produced in labs and tested on animals. The tests are designed to ensure that the animal does not die or show tumors. If they do, the ingredient could be tested again at a lower volume to find the "acceptable limit allowed" to not cause damage to a human. According to PETA, these tests are not required by law, and they often produce inaccurate or misleading results. Even if a product has harmed an animal, it can still be marketed to you.

The non-profit advocacy organization Environmental Working Group (EWG) says "if you are concerned about avoiding animal products the best bet is to choose brands claiming to be vegetarian or vegan or labeled with the PETA and Leaping Bunny logos."

Want to help stop animal testing? Take action and sign a petition to ban animal testing.

Want to make sure the rest of your products like SKINourishment are cruelty-free? Visit the PETA website to check on brands you love or download their “bunny app” to use as you shop the aisles of your favorite store.

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